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Our Scooter Shop Journey

We are the only specialist stunt scooter shop in the UK and an authorized dealer for all the best stunt scooter brands. As parents ourselves, we understand finding a sport they will enjoy and stick with is a challenge. If your child has shown an interest in trying a stunt scooter, a few things help them get the most out of the sport. Making sure it fits right, too high it's hard to balance, too low, it hurts their back. Make sure it is of decent quality, safe, and useable with little maintenance (even through UK winters). Where you choose to use it, going to quality skateparks and interacting with kids their own age dramatically increase how much they get from the sport

We hope you enjoy your experience on our website and look forward to meeting you in our brick & mortar store in Stockport.

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Our Stockport Scooter Shop

Opening times:

Our physical store is currently closed. Local and online delivery is still available. Please get in touch if you have any quieries.


141-143 Castle Street, Edgeley,

Stockport, Manchester.

Phone No: 0161 477 5503

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