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Best Stunt Scooter Guide For 2022

TL;DR - Stunt scooters have grown in popularity over the last 20 years as has the equipment we use, which leads to the question. What's the best stunt scooter out there? In this guide fresh for 2022, we take a deep dive into the best stunt scooters by age, size, price and level of experience. Helmet up and let's get to it.

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Read on or skip ahead using the quick links to learn what to consider when choosing your kids new scooter as well as the best stunt scooter for each age of child.

What is a stunt scooter?

A stunt scooter is designed with tricks and stunts in mind. The T shape handlebars are fixed, the wheels are small and the materials it is made from are strong but lightweight. 

These features all help the stunt scooter do what it is designed to do, tricks and stunts. 

The small wheels are great for short bursts of acceleration in confined spaces, like skateparks. If you are looking for speed then you might want to look at a scooter with bigger wheels. A stunt scooter will likely have metal core wheels to help withstand tricks better than plastic ones.

The fixed height handlebars mean that there is no weakness through the bars. This fixing and the durable, lightweight materials help to keep the scooter strong enough for tricks and jumps. 

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Stunt scooter vs regular scooter - differences

In brief, a stunt scooter is designed to be strong and able to handle landings, tricks and short acceleration. A regular scooter is designed more for comfort and speed, with adjustable handlebars that also fold, large wheels and a wider or longer deck.

​​​​What's the best stunt scooter brand for beginners in 2021?

Over the years MGP has been seen to consistently progress the sport and was one of the first brands to create stunt scooters. With a long history comes a lot of well known pros such as Ryan Williams and Terry Price. With time comes more competition as brands such as Blunt Scooters, Blazer Pro scooters and more recently established brands such as Invert scooters have popped up. This constant progression and competition has been great for the sport, creating a fantastic level of designs and quality in 2021. For us, based on feedback from our customers scooters for kids under the age of 8, MGP is the most popular due to the solid builds and flashy designs. For kids over the age of 8, Blunt scooters takes the win due to the best selling range of stunt scooters ever sold, Blunt prodigy s8's. This then leads us to define what are the best stunt scooters for each age?


What is the best stunt scooter for a 6 year old?

After years of selling scooters in our shop, the most popular scooter amongst six-year-olds is the MGP Kick Pro range, with the latest version being the MGP kick Pro V5. This scooter comes in various colors, loved by girls and boys for under £100 is an excellent value for money as its complex wearing parts will last for many years. It is not surprising that these often get passed down from sibling to sibling.

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What is the best stunt scooter for an 8 year old?

The scooter that goes down best with kids of 8 years old is the Blunt Scooters Colt S5 Range. Well-engineered for durability and the addition of incredibly intricate designs, it's easy to see why these go down well with eight year olds.

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What is the best stunt scooter for a 10 year old?

An easy one; for kids around ten years old, the Blunt Prodigy S9 is a solid bet for any parent. With many different color schemes available, there is an S9 that suits any ten-year-old. The aluminum bars, light deck, and high-end parts allow kids to learn faster and overall perform better.

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What is the best stunt scooter for a 12 year old?

For 12-year-olds, it seems to be a close battle between the Blunt prodigy s9 street range and the Blunt Kos range. The designs are on point, and the height is excellent for an average 12-year-old, allowing them to reach their full-grown adult size without buying a new scooter. Better value for you, a high ends stunt scooter for your child.

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click for blunt envy KOS s7

The best stunt scooter for teenagers

The best stunt scooter for teenagers is a tough one to call. We have settled on the Invictus Clayton Lindley Sig by Root Industries

This scooter is 85 cm from the floor to the top of the handlebars, which should comfortably fit a teenage rider. It has a high modulus alloy bar, which is stronger than aluminium bars. This strength and the flat profile wheels for grip and landing will help teenagers cruise and trick their way around the skate park. 

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What is the best stunt scooter for tall riders?

If your kid has had a growth spurt then you might be looking for the best stunt scooter for tall riders. To work out the correct height for the scooter you should measure where the top of the handlebars reaches the rider’s waist. 

For tall riders, we like the KOS Series 7 by Blunt. This scooter comes in at 90 cm tall and is suited to riders 160 cm and above. It has features making it suited to intermediate and advanced riders who want something out of the box and ready to go. Features include durable handgrips, 2 bolt forged clamp raised front profile, tri-bearing wheels with teal PU for a smooth and responsive ride, nylon front plate and nylon brake system. 

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What is the best stunt scooter for under £100?

The Kick Mini Pro Rascal III by MGP is a great value scooter and easily makes the list of the best stunt scooter for under £100. It is ideal for those who are 95-110cm tall, so it isn’t for the older or taller riders. 

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The Kick Pro V5 by MADD Gear is another great stunt scooter for under £100. This one is suited to children who are 115cm-135cm tall. This scooter is both durable and lightweight, with features that help provide a balanced and smooth ride. 

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What is the best stunt scooter for under £200?

The Prodigy S9 by blunt is one of the best stunt scooters for under £200. This popular brand offers stylish designs and is great value for money.

The 166mm long TPR handgrips are soft and durable and the two-bolt 6061 aluminium clamp provides excellent grip without weighing things down. The aluminium deck has a high-quality finish and the nylon brake system is something you can rely on. 

The Prodigy S9 is best suited to riders between 140 cm and 165 cm. If you want something under £200 and suitable for slightly taller riders look at the Prospect 2021 by Lucky.

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How we chose the best stunt scooters

We’ve been in the scooter business for years. We have got to know what sells and to who from our shop in Stockport and our online store. 

Over the years we have helped parents pick out their child’s next scooter or first-ever scooter. Using our knowledge and the data on our systems we have put together some of the best stunt scooters on the market. 

We hope our list of the best stunt scooters has helped you. If not, you can always message us on our website using the chat function or visit us in-store.

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