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Best Skateparks in Stockport, Manchester

TL;DR - In this guide we are going to crack open the best skateparks in Stockport, Manchester. A guide for riders written by them.

We are spoilt in Stockport and Manchester in terms of places to skate, ride and use our stunt scooters with incredible indoor and outdoor options. 

Depending on the time of year you are reading this indoors may be the only option with the weather we have in the UK so we will start with the indoor skateparks.

Best Indoor skateparks near Stockport

Best Skatepark No. 1. Graystone Action Sports Manchester

graystone Action Sports skatepark salford manchester

These ramps are built to an Olympic standard to serve skateboarders, rollerbladers, stunt scooter riders, BMX, and winter sports enthusiasts alike. This skatepark has something for everyone with added offerings such as photography classes, bouldering, and gymnastics. What parents most enjoy about this skatepark is a viewing gallery with great food and a bar; no more waiting outside in the cold while your kids are loving life for hours on end.

Address: Brunel Avenue Salford, Manchester M5 4BE


Stunt scooter fun rating - 9/10

Rider ability to have fun at the park: Beginner - Pro

Best Skatepark No. 2. Projekts MCR

porjects skatepark manchester image
This skatepark was created to utilize space under the Mancunian way, and the result is a work of art. The fresh concrete means smooth riding, and the cafe with a view of the park means parents can sit and chat with a coffee while their kids are getting new tricks.

Address: 97 London Rd, Manchester M1 2PG


Stunt scooter fun rating - 8/10

Rider ability to have fun at the park: Beginner - Pro

Best Outdoor Skateparks

Best Skatepark No. 1. Alexandra Skatepark, Edgeley Stockport.

alexandra skateark stockport manchester

In 2017 the local council blessed Stockport with a new concrete skatepark, this park has been well utilized ever since. Catering to riders of all levels this park regularly attracts riders from Stoke, Halifax, and all over Manchester. Definitely, one to check out if it is dry, our Stockport HQ is also only 2 minutes up the road so be sure to pop in and say hello.

Google map link 

Address: The Limes, Edgeley Rd, Stockport SK3 9NB

Stunt scooter fun rating - 9.5/10

Rider ability to have fun at the park: Beginner - Pro


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