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Stunt Scooter Buying Guide

A stunt scooter is a great way for kids to build their confidence while being social and active. Maybe your child is spending too much time on the PlayStation and too little time outside. Maybe you used to skate and want to spend some time with your kids, or you simply just like a faster school run. Whatever the reason you are looking for a stunt scooter, we will help you make an informed decision with our stunt scooter buying guide.

Our 2021 Stunt scooters Buyer's Guide

When choosing a stunt scooter for your child, you will want to consider size, brand, price, and more. In our comprehensive stunt scooter buyers guide, we help make your decision easier.

Read on or skip ahead using the quick links to learn which considerations you should make when choosing your kids new scooter as well as the best stunt scooter for each age of child.

  1. The best size for your child
  2. Your child's taste
  3. Brand
  4. Weight

#1 The best size for your child

select scooter panda with rulerSize is important or a child due to balance and back issues if a stunt scooter is too big or too small.

The sweet spot is at a child's hips with around 10cm to allow for growth.

We understand that not everyone falls into the typical heights for the age, so below is a key for our filtering system to help those of you with taller or smaller than average children find the best scooter for your child.

These measurements should allow for a year or 2 of growth, depending on how quickly your child grows. Below is a key for our filtering system to help those of you with taller or smaller than average children find the best scooter for your child.


Sizing char for age and heights select scooters

For kids that require a larger scooter, it may be best to create a custom scooter suited to their needs as a scooter must fit right due to balance when they are too tall and back problems when they are too small. Be sure to get in contact with us, and we can advise on the best solution for your child.

You can use our filtering system to sort by age so you can get the best size for your child here: Stunt scooters.


#2 Your child's taste

Picking a scooter that is to your childs tastes is the biggest indicator on how much they use it. Generally colour is the biggest factor until around age 8 where brand usually overtakes as the most important factor. As kids like to have the best brands on the skatepark in order to keep up with their friend groups.

You can use our filtering system to sort by age so you know which ones will fit and allow your child to choose a scooter they like the look of here : Stunt scooters.


#3 Brand

There are many different scooter brands, especially in 2021 where we have seen an increase in demand for them. This can lead to some confusion in the marketplace, which brands are good? Which ones are not? Fortunately we are based next to a skatepark and are constantly updated with how brands sit with the people that use them. We tend to get the brands that are being requested the most by the riders.

This is a list of the top brands for kids stunt scooters in 2021

If there is brand that you can't see in your store and your kids are asking for it, please let us know and we will endeavour to get it in stock.

You can use our filtering system to sort by brand here : Stunt scooters.


#4 Weight

Typically most beginner scooters from top brands are quite light as they use a lot of aluminium. Once you start to customise your scooter you can use materials such as aluminium and Titanium. The lighter a scooter is, the easier it is to perform tricks.

Now you have a better idea of what your looking for, we are sure we have you covered. Have a look at our full range of stunt scooters where you can filter by age, brand and colour: Stunt scooters 

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