Scooter Bars

      Scooter bars are the all-important handlebars that without which, you would just have a skateboard. We stock a range of scooter bar types, colours, measurements and weights. Browse below or using our scooter bar filters to the left.

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      11 products

      11 products

      What types of Scooter Bars are there?

      From polished to titanium, coloured to raw finish, the types of scooter bars available to buy online are limited by your passion for your ride's fashion. Many scooter bars we sell, are modified aftersale by the rider, to add their own personal touch.

      In terms of features, most are standard built, with similar height, weight and range of specifications. This means they are often interchangeable, which makes upgrading and maintaining your kid's stunt scooter, that bit easier. That being said, there are three common grades you may see mentioned and these include:

      • IHC
      • HIC
      • SCS
      • ICS

      We stock the full range of these composite material variations of scooter bars, simply filter by your preferred type above.

      How to pick Scooter Bars? 

      With so many scooter bars being of the same structure and shape, it's really quite easy to pick your ideal scooter bar. How it looks is really all that will be the difference and if you want a professional second opinion before you buy scooter bars for you or someone else, drop us a DM on the webchat and we can make double sure for you.