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      Buying a scooter helmet isn't something to be considered an afterthought, skate safety is of peak importance and it has even been shown to improve your toddler or child's confidence when using a micro-scooter. This can mean they learn that bit quicker too.

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      Shop our range of scooter helmets for sale for kids and toddlers. We also stock adolescent helmets for teenagers and young adults. Sort by size, colour, brand, price and rating with our filters below.

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      7 products

      7 products

      Should a child wear a helmet on a scooter?

      Whenever a child is riding a micro scooter it's important they wear appropriate safety equipment. This means safety gloves, scooter pads and a scooter helmet. While picking up the odd scrape or fall can improve a child's resilience, needless hospital visits are more likely than not going to lead to a loss of confidence and terminate their desire to use the scooter long term. Safe riding is safe and there is no sense in needless risk of brain injury. Particularly where it can be avoided.

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      What kind of scooter helmet does my child need?

      All scooter helmets we stock are kitemark approved for safety in the UK, so the only decision you need to make is going to be around size, and style. Most kids scooter helmets for sale with us are adjustable in size, but you can't adjust a stubborn toddler from not wanting that unicorn helmet. 

      You can be confident that any scooter helmet you buy with us is the right one for your child from a safety and protection point of view but if you want some further advice do please message us on the live chat on-site. Or pop in for a fitting in our Stockport store, just outside of Manchester.