Scooter Pads

      Shop with your child's safety in mind, with these scooter pads for sale. We stock a wide choice of skater's knee pads and elbow pads for sale, to enable harm reduced riding.Β 

      Scooter Pads For Sale

      From big skate brands such as Tony Hawks and Triple 8, these knee and elbow protective pads take the impact in any falls when riding. Scooter pads aren't just for stunt riders but are also a good way to improve your child's confidence when first starting. Shop with us online or visit us in Stockport to buy in person. Need advice on what is the best scooter pad for you? Hit the webchat below.

      10 products

      10 products

      What Types Of Scooter Pads Are There?

      When riding a stunt scooter, injuries tend to come from impacts such as falls or from twists and sprains. While pads can't always protect from sprains and twists they can work to mitigate the effects of impact. We stock 3 types of Scooter pads for sale. These include:

      • Wrist Savers / Wrist Guards - Reduces the likelihood of sprains from falls onto your hands, as well as protecting from scratches and provides support
      • Knee Pads - Reduces impact to patella and knee joint when falling
      • Elbow Pads - Protects the elbow join from falls

      What Are The Best Scooter Pads?

      The best scooter pads are really going to be dependent on what you need. If you are looking for peace of mind and want the highest rating safety scores, then Triple 8 will win in that regard, if the best scooter pads are judged on price, then take advantage of our cheap scooter pads deals where available.Β 

      Every rider is different and so we are on hand to give advice, either via phone, webchat, email or in our store in person if you have any questions to help you find the best scooter pads for you or your child.