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      Invert supreme stunt scooter range buyers guide

      Welcome to the world of stunt scooters. This guide will help you make a more informed decision on the best scooter for your child. We answered the most frequently asked questions and have summed up the key points to help you get clued up on this new world before buying a stunt scooter.  A stunt scooter should match riders’ experience, age, and height at the same time. To find the best fit for your child, have a look at our Stunt Scooter Size Guide.

      First off. What is a Stunt scooter?

      A stunt scooter is a scooter designed explicitly for use within a skate park to perform stunts. It has a fixed handlebar and a strong deck, making them perfect for taking impact and performing actions. These tricks are possible due to the fixed bar and the ability to rotate the bars 360 degrees. Think BMX compared to a road bike when thinking of a stunt scooter compared to a commuter scooter.

      Why should I buy a stunt scooter?

      When you buy your child a stunt scooter you open your child up to meeting new people in dedicated environments which encourages the development of social and physical skills. As kids are all doing the same activity, they bounce off each other's energy and create lifelong friendships while keeping active. Stunt scooters can be used to ride to school or to bomb about a skatepark on a saturday morning. The solid frame of a stunt scooter allows kids to push themselves to learn new tricks while you do not have to worry about it breaking or folding. Stunt scooters have seen a steady rise in popularity  since 1999, with the highest participation for children in all UK areas particulary in Stockport, Manchester. 

      What do stunt scooters cost so much?

      Due to there many different individual parts that work together in unison on a solid frame, stunt scooters are expensive to manufacture. You can purchase a stunt scooter for a lot cheaper, but you can feel the difference and run into more rattling and breaking issues due to inferior build quality. Ultimately a solid stunt scooter that runs for a long time will allow your child to get the most use out of it. The adage 'you get what you pay for' applies to stunt scooters.

      What should I look for in a stunt scooter?

      If you're looking to use a scooter on a skatepark, a stunt scooter is best for your child. Now we know what type of scooter you need. We have broken the decision down into three key steps:

      • Size
      • Brand
      • Style/Colour


      Getting the correct height for your child is essential as getting a stunt scooter far too tall for your child could lead to balance issues, and far too small could lead to back pain. We have organized the scooters on our website by age, with average heights for the age corresponding to the scooters.

      Girl with stunt scooter that fits correctlyTypically for beginners, the handlebars should be between the child's hips and belly buttonOnce a rider has developed their tastes, handlebar size differs from using their scooter. To find the best fit for your child, we recommend checking our stunt scooter size guide


      Style/ Colour

      Picking a scooter that is to your childs tastes is the biggest indicator on how much they use it. Generally colour is the biggest factor until around age 8 where brand overtakes as the most important factor. As kids like to have the best brands on the skatepark in order to keep up with their friends.


      There are many different scooter brands, especially in 2021 where we have seen an increase in demand for them. This can lead to some confusion in the marketplace, which brands are good? Which ones are not? Fortunately we are based next to a skatepark and are constantly updated with how brands sit with the people that use them. We tend to get the brands that are being requested the most by the riders.

      This is a list of the top brands for kids stunt scooters in 2021

      • MGP (Madd Gear Scooters)
      • Blunt Scooters
      • Invert Scooters
      • Blazer pro

      If there is brand that you can't see in your store and your kids are asking for it, please let us know and we will endeveour to get it in stock.

      Other Factors to Consider

      • Weight - Typicaly most begginer scooters are similar weights due to keeping to a price point, they use similar materials. Once you start to customise your scooter you can use lighter materials such as aluminium and Titanium.