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      Setting up your Stunt Scooter

      In order for your child to get to where the kid is above you will have to set up their stunt scooter ready to ride. Scooters traditionally come in 2 parts in the box, the bars and the deck and a handy set of allen keys. In order to set your new scooter up safely you simply have to place the bars over the compression and tighten the bolts as tight as you reasonably can all the while making sure the bars are in line with the front wheel.

      Top tip - tighten the clamp where it is almost tight but you can twist the bars slightly and align the bar with the front wheel by standing over the scooter and looking directly down the bar, then tighten the clamp as much as is reasonably possible.

      Before riding away we recommend doing the safety checks

      How to fix common stunt scooter issues?

      stunt scooter maintenence guide skatepark image


      The number one reason for maintaining your scooter is to make sure it remains safe and will not cause you any unnecessary accidents, secondly in order for you to get the most out of your stunt scooter it is a good idea to keep things lubricated and bolts tightened. With all extreme sports the equipment we use suffers a lot of punishment, especially the sports that utilise the skatepark as landing heavily repeatedly is bound to cause bolts to loosen and parts to get damaged. With the weather in England the bearings on a stunt scooter are likely to suffer water damage which reduces their ability to spin and for you to speed about the park freely.

      We recommend checking your scooter quickly before ever riding, keeping in mind that any rattling or wobbling of bars should not be occurring and we need to take it to the nearest adult to conduct safety checks.


      What are the Safety checks I should do on my Stunt Scooter?

      Before each rider we recommend doing these 3 steps, 

      1. Check if your bars are wobbly at all, if so, you will need to tighten your compression before you ride as it's not safe to ride with bars that could potentially come off or twist unexpectedly. We will go into more detail on this issue below.
      2. Check all your bolts are tight with an allen key, this is usually size 5mm or 6mm allen key with stunt scooters. You may need 2 to tighten the front and back axles and usually a  size 3mm or 4mm for your brake.
      3. Make sure your wheels are spinning correctly with no sideward movement, if there is movement you may need to change your bearings or find spacers which remove any excess space on either side of your front or rear wheel.

      Bonus tip - If you drop your scooter on the concrete, it should ideally sound like pumped up basketball with no rattling at all, This is called 'dialed' within the scooter community. If there is rattling, you need to tighten a bolt somewhere. Where the rattling is occurring on the scooter is a good indicator of where the scooter needs to be tightened.

      If your scooter is good to go, enjoy your session!


      How to tighten your compression on your stunt scooter?

      With decent stunt scooters, you will have a compression system which is IHC, HIC or SCS. When these compression systems become loose due to vibration and impact the bars can wobble and become loose over time. To resolve this issue on HIC or IHC compression systems you need to remove the bars by undoing the bolts on the clamp and then tighten the compression bolt which is now expose, this needs to be tightened to the point where you can flick the wheel 180 degrees, if you can flick it more it requires tightening if you cannot flick it 180 degrees it needs loosening. This is the sweet spot where your scooter feels best, allowing you to perform whips and bars without feeling restricted while at the same time being safe. Once your compression is tightened, you can attach your bars once again and your scooter should be dialed and the bars do not wobble.


      How to clean your headset in order to remove a grinding noise when rotating the scooter?

      Over time and especially during the winter time in the UK, your headset may suffer water damage causing it not to spin as freely and create a grinding noise. An easy way to solve these would be to replace it, but that is not always necessary. If you remove your headset from the scooter and clean away any dirt or grease and then use lithium grease to lubricate again it will be as good as new. Please note: Do not use water based lubricants such as WD40 as this will ruin your bearings. Make sure your scooter is correctly set up before going out and riding on it, do your safety checks.


      How to replace wheels and bearings?

      Due to wheels taking the brunt of the wear and tear they are the parts of the scooter that are most commonly replaced, especially if you ride it a lot. In order to replace the wheels all you need is two allen keys, occasionally you will only need one for the rear axle. Make sure the size of your new wheels are compatible with your forks and decks, if you are not sure, get the same size as your original ones. To change the wheels, loosen the axles, bearing in mind that any spacers need to be kept safe and put back in the same position in order for there to be no rattling with the new wheels. Once you have removed the old wheels and spacers, carefully place the new wheels in the same position and tighten until you feel a lot of resistance. 

      It is not so straightforward to replace stunt scooter bearings in your wheels, brute force is required to knock the old ones out, with a hammer and an allen key or screwdriver. To place new bearings in the wheel, you have a choice of methods which you will be able to find on Youtube.

      1. A Vice to force the bearings in slowly
      2. A piece of wood and a hammer to lightly tap the bearings in, careful not to damage the bearings.

      If you need any more advice or get stuck with one of these fixes please get in touch with us over the phone or via email.

      We hope you get as much enjoyment as possible from your stunt scooter.

      Alex & the Select Scooters team.