In-Store Services

Scooter fitting
Along with selling the parts, we do fit and tailor scooters to your needs. This is a great way to lengthen the time that a scooter lasts and freshen up the look that it has.
Please note: You may have to leave your scooter with us.

Griptape Fit


Rectangle £3

Customised £5



Cutting Bars HIC-£20 SCS-£10

Custom issue

Call us on 0161 447 5503

or pop in for a quote.

Clarification of services:
Servicing (dialing) - £5
This means tightening the scooter up so ther is not rattling and it is all running smoothly, we can let you know if and what needs replacing to get it back to that new scooter state, 'dialed' as it's known in scooter community. (this service comes free if you purchase a scooter from us)
Grip tape fit 
This is when we replace the existing grippy surface on the scooter with a new one. please not that if you have a paper backed griptape, you will need to remove it yourslef as this can take an unreasonably long time to remove.
Cutting bars
We use a cold cut chops saw to cut steel,aluminium and titanium bars in order for you to get the perfect size for getting tricks.
 There are many fixes and fits on a scooter, if you give us a ring, we will be able to quote and deliver. This is calculated by time and materials, you may have to leave the scooter with us.